Software for Project Managers and Planners in the Construction Industry
Software for Project Managers and Planners in the Construction Industry

Release Notes

Release 35

Resolves an issue with the popup windows not appearing on a single screen.


Release 34

Allows WBS code to be selected as a column on the Task data spreadsheet.


Release 33

Resolves an issue with negative float calculation when scheduling.


Release 32

WBS Library intoduced and WBS import via XER and MPX available.


Performance of Bar, Bar Types and Colour Libraries improved.


Release 31

Issues with loading a ChainLink 4.5 file and Layout have now been resolved.


Saving issues in Title Block Designer have now been resolved


Release 30

The Chart Options have now been incorporated into the Print/Preview window to simplify the process of customising the chart.


A minor issue with the presentation of Bar Types 20, 30 and 40 has been resolved.


Release 29

ChainLink 5.0 now has the ability to plot Time Location and Gantt charts with the Time Grid horizontal and a facility to rotate the Graphics to accomodate the horizontal chart. 


Click here to check out these new features 


Other improvements have been made to the import facilities and an issue with Calendars resolved. 


It is now possible to set a Filter before loading the Task Data screen to speed up loading on large projects


The issue with showing a white background behind the Text, on some printers, has been resolved along with some other minor issues with data input.


Release 28

This release resolves an issue with the Graphics when a descending location chart is produced.  Also, the speed of the import utilities has been improved.


Release 27

A version 4.5 mode Task interface has been added in this release.  The purpose of this feature is to assist users who are stepping up from v4.5 and are finding the more complex Task import and input a little difficult to comprehend compared to the more simple methods used in the earlier version.


Release 26

Apart from resolving a few issues and improving the Copy/Paste facility, this release adds a unique feature with the ability to combine Time Location & Gantt Charts on the same page.  The purpose of the new feature is not to duplicate the information on the Time Location chart but to provide a means whereby the detailed Tasks which are not appropriate for the Time Location chart  e.g. the detail of, say, a bridge structure, which is normally represented by one or two  summary bars, could be shown on the Gantt Chart (see the ChainLink 5.0 page of this website for examples using the Multi-Road project).  Both the Time Location chart and the combined Time Location/Gantt chart are produced from the same project data by merely changing the Layout file.  This new feature is available in both the Standard and Professional versions.


Release 25

Professional finally comes of age with the introduction of a incorporated Scheduler.  The Scheduler is not designed to replace the users existing Project Management software, it is provided to allow the user to run what if scenarios without the need to return to their PM package.  Whilst providing a full forward and backwards analysis, the Scheduler has been designed to handle partial networks (fragnets) without the need to impose dates on the initial and final Task of each fragnet or isolated Task, to maintain compatibility with the main project, thus keeping the ability to only import the sections of the programme required to produce the Time Location chart. 


Previous Enhancements include:- 

1. Links between Tasks in both versions

2. Ability to specify Task Type

3. Imposed Dates on Milestones and Tasks

4. Improvements to Imports to allow Links to be imported by XER and MPX

5. General performance improvements and bug fixes.

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