Software for Project Managers and Planners in the Construction Industry
Software for Project Managers and Planners in the Construction Industry

ChainLink 5.0


Taking Linear Planning to the next level

For the past two decades the ChainLink family of software has provided a no frills add-on utility to your Project Management system to produce quality Time Location charts quickly and easily.


ChainLink 5 now takes over the baton and brings with it most of the bells and whistles that have been missing in the past, with some more still to come. Available in two versions Standard and Professional, it is now even easier to transfer data from your PM system, add the formatting fields and produce a Time Location chart like the ones shown above.


The software is primarily designed to operate on a two screen display, with the Data on one screen and the Library windows and Chart on the second screen, however, can be run quite successfully on a single screen.


All data, including any graphics, is now held in a single project file making it easier to transfer data between planners and computers. Only special Layout files need to be transferred with the data file. All diagrams, clipart and logos are already included.


Apart from general improvements in ease of use and data input, the main changes to be found in each version of the software are:-




  1. All the features found in version 4.5
  2. Colour coded windows for ease of recognition when multiple windows are displayed
  3. Multiple charts per page, including combining Time Location and Gantt Charts on same page
  4. Header Lines on charts
  5.  Improved input spreadsheets with chart, schedule and task filtering and column selection and user naming
  6. A Personal Bar Library which allow combinations of Bar Types and Colours to be saved for use on every project
  7. A Project Bar Library, which replaces the Key/Legend facility of v4.5, containing all the Bar Type and Colour combinations used in the project
  8. A Standard Bar Types Library, which replaces the v4.5 Toolbars for selecting the bar and hatching combination
  9. A Personal Bar Types Library which allows user defined bars to be saved for use on every project
  10. A Project Bar Types Library, which replaces the v4.5 User Defined Bars
  11. A Personal Colour Library, which allows additional user named colours to be added to the eleven Standard Colours of v4.5 for use on every project
  12.  A Project Colour Library, which stores the named colours used on the project
  13. A Filter Library, which stores the Filters to be applied to tasks for both input and output
  14. Improved Print Preview
  15. Improved and extended Chart Options
  16. Improved Layout Designer including Custom Page Size (v4.5 Page Setup)
  17. Title Block Designer
  18. Multi-Page mosaic printing
  19. Extensive Onscreen Help
  20. Links between Tasks
  21. ChainLink 4.5 mode Task interface




  1. All the features found in Standard
  2. Graphical input window for Tasks, which allows a Time Location chart to be drawn from scratch on the screen without the need for transfer of data, or Task scheduling to be manually amended without the need for rescheduling.
  3. Graphical input window for Labels
  4. Graphical input window for Text/Notes (v4.5 Milestones/Notes)
  5. Graphical input window for Graphics (v4.5 Diagrams/Clipart)
  6. Ten step Progress Data storage
  7. Bar Profiling for non-linear production tasks
  8. Resource Tables, Histograms and Graphs
  9. Financial Tables, Histograms and Graphs
  10. Scheduling


For futher details or to download the software and user manual click on the links below.

ChainLink 5.0 Release 35 (EXE File)
This setup file must be downloaded to the local computer, it cannot be 'Run' directly from the website
Once downloaded, the setup file MUST be run using "Run as Administrator".
Select "All users of this computer" at the appropriate time during installation
Windows program file [19.3 MB]
ChainLink 5.0 Release 35 (ZIP File)
This download is provided for users who are prevented from downloading EXE files. The setup file CL5.0.35.exe needs to be extracted from this zip file before installation. Setup instructions are the same as above.
ChainLink 5.0 Release
Compressed archive in ZIP format [18.7 MB]
ChainLink 5.0 User Manual (Release 35 - January 2019)
ChainLink 5 User Manual.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [7.2 MB]
ChainLink 5.0 - Importing Data from an XER File - Video
This video shows how to create a new project by importing the data from an Oracle Primavera P6 XER file.
XER Import.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [93.1 MB]

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